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Alen T500 vs Paralda: Which Air Purifier is Better?

Alen T500 vs Paralda

Alen T500 vs Paralda… which of these air purifiers has better features? Knowing their key differences is one crucial step in making a good buying decision, so here, we’re giving you a comparison report.

On one hand, there’s the Alen T500, a tower-style air purifier that weighs only 9 lbs. It’s very portable – so portable that you can even travel with it. On the other hand, there’s the Alen Paralda, another tower-style air purifier but with a much curvier shape. Plus, it’s taller and heavier.

Now, let’s give you a more complete list of their similarities and differences.

Comparison Chart: Alen T500 vs Paralda

Alen Air Purifier
Model Check Price » Alen T500 Check Price » Alen Paralda
Weight 9 Lbs 15 Lbs.
Product Dimensions 22″ x 6″ x 10″ 28″ x 7″ x 11″
Colors Available 2: black, silver+white 2: green, white
Filter Options 4 filter options: HEPA-Pure, HEPA-Fresh, HEPA-Silver, HEPA-OdorCell 4 filter options: HEPA-Pure, HEPA-Fresh, HEPA-Silver, HEPA-OdorCell
Coverage Area 500 sq. ft. 500 sq. ft.
Filter Life (based on use) Up to 12 months Up to 6 months
Noise Levels Speed 1: 42 dB Speed 2: 47 dB Speed 3: 56 dB Speed 1: 37.5 dB; Speed 2: 40.5 dB; Speed 3: 51 dB; Speed 4: 60 dB
Fan Speeds 3 4
WhisperMax Technology
SmartSensor Technology
Filter Change Indicator
Ozone Function
Digital Display
Self-Closing Cover
Cable Management System
Night Light

Key Differences

Based on the chart above, you can easily tell that there are significant differences between the Alen T500 and the Paralda. But before we get into those, let’s briefly mention their key similarities.

One, both of them are devoid of advanced features such as the WhisperMax and SmartSensor features, which can only be found in the BreatheSmart models.

Second, these Alen air purifiers are compatible with the 4 filter options offered by the brand. You can choose and interchange among the HEPA-Pure, HEPA-Fresh, HEPA-Silver, and HEPA-Odorcell filters depending on your needs. Note that each one of them serves a specific purpose.

Third, the Paralda and T500 are designed to cover up to 500 square feet of living space. They’re perfect for your bedroom and living room, and even your kitchen.

Now… let’s focus on their differences.


The first obvious difference is their design, which includes their color, the shape, size, and weight.

Both are considered a “tower” air purifier. They’re slimmer than other purifiers, and they’re intended to fit into tight spaces. You can even travel with them.

But look again, and you’ll notice that the Alen T500 is slightly bulkier on the side while the Paralda is more concave.

When it comes to weight, the T500 is lighter by 6 pounds. The T500 weighs 9 lbs. while the Paralda has a weight of 15 lbs. When it comes to their size, the Alen Paralda is taller and about an inch bulkier. Based on the data provided by the brad, the Paralda stands 28 inches in height while the T500 is 22 inches tall.

As for color options, the T500 gives you 2 choices: a black unit and a silver+white combo. On the other hand, with the Paralda, choose between green and white.

Replacing the Filter

Another important difference between these two air purifiers is how you replace their filters.

Both filters are located at the back, but with the Paralda, replacing these filters is what they differ in. The images on the right better demonstrate how it’s done.

Another difference is the lifespan of the filters. As advertised, the Paralda has up to 6 months of filter life, while with the T500, it’s longer, lasting up to 12 months.

Control Panel

Both come with a digital display that shows you your preferences, but appearance-wise, the Paralda looks sleeker. The buttons are also a bit smaller.

For your reference, we’ve included images of these Alen air purifiers’ control panels. Scroll down at the last part to check them out.


The Paralda comes with a self-closing cover, a cable management system, and a night light feature – functionalities that you can’t expect with the T500. It’s also worth noting that the Paralda has 4 speed settings while the T500 only has 3.

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Our Final Word: Alen T500 vs Paralda

Let’s end this Alen T500 vs Paralda comparison report with this recommendation.

Both have been proven to work on alleviating allergy symptoms. They really clean the air from impurities. Watch this video for a demonstration. But when it comes to features, the Paralda is way better than the T500. However, it’s also heavier and more expensive, which can be a turn off to some. That said, if budget isn’t a problem, then go for the Paralda. Otherwise, it’s okay to stick with the T500.

Where to Buy the Alen T500 and the Paralda