The Essick Air Aircare EP9 800 has three distinct characteristics. One, it’s a whole-house humidifier, so if you want to humidify your entire house, then this should be on your list. Second, it’s a pedestal-type, so expect a taller-than-your-usual humidifier. Third, it’s classified as “evaporative.” Meaning, it relies on a built-in fan to create and distribute mists … Read more

Victsing cool mist humidifier review (2l), worth it?

When the season changes, this may mean a change in the weather patterns as well. In winter, for instance, expect low temperatures, which can lead to dry air and low humidity. The effect on you is dry skin, allergies, and difficulty in having enough sleep. You can check Victsing cool mist humidifier review (2l), whether … Read more


iTvanila humidifiers come with interesting shapes. Some would describe them as unusual, but we think they look really, really cool. The iTvanila HU-S1, for instance, looks like a vase at first glance. But it’s very elegant, and when not in use, it can blend in as a furniture accent. In this iTvanila ultrasonic humidifier HU-S1 review, we give … Read more

Vornnado Evap40 4 Gallon Evaporative Humidifier review

The Vornnado Evap40 4 Gallon Evaporative Humidifier is an ultra-quiet, high performance humidifier that is powered by a whisper-quiet electric motor. It’s perfect for any room in the house, especially bedrooms and offices where a silent operation is desired. Vornado is better known for its beautiful air circulators. But let’s not forget that its catalogue … Read more