Humidifier Comparison Reports

Essick Air Aircare 831000 vs SS390DWHT Humidifier

Essick Air Aircare 831000 vs SS390DWHT Humidifier

Both of these humidifiers are the “evaporative” type. They’re equipped with wick filter that works together with a fan to bring out a clean mist of air that helps balance your home’s humidity level.

But which of them should you get? To help you come up with an answer, it’s imperative that you know their differences. Here’s our Essick Air Aircare 831000 vs SS390DWHT comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Essick Air Aircare 831000 vs SS390DWHT

Essick Air Humidifier
Model Check Price » Aircare 831000 Check Price » Aircare SS390DWHT
Square Foot Coverage Up to 2,700 sq. ft. Up to 2,300 sq. ft.
Runtime Up to 70 hours Up to 70 hours
Tank Capacity 6 gallons 6 gallons
Fan Speeds 3 3
Customizable Humidity Settings
Check Filter Indicator
Pour-in Fill Reservoir
Refill Indicator
Wick Filter
Automatic Safety Shutoff
Weight 14 lbs. 15 lbs.
Product Dimensions 22.25 H x 13 W x 18.5 D inches 22.25 H x 13 W x 18.5 D inches
Color White White
Controls 3 Buttons + Display 2 Buttons + Display

Key Differences

From the chart above, you can easily tell that these evaporative humidifiers from Essick Air have more similarities than they have differences.

They have the same color, they come with a feature called Trapmax Filter Technology (for antimicrobial protection), and they basically have the same product dimensions.

But there are 3 differences that may be dealbreakers for you. They differ in design, control panel, and coverage area.


Both of these humidifiers come with a white exterior, and if you take a closer look, they differ in one particular detail – the design of their front grill. In the manual, this part serves two purposes. One, it is where the moist air leaves. Two, it’s where you pour in water.

The Aircare 831000 has a slanted front grill while the Aircare SS390DWHT is designed to be deeper and much more concave. The advantage of this is that it helps contain water during the refilling process, thereby preventing any spills.

Control Panel

Both of these humidifiers have a control panel that consists of a display and push buttons. Their difference is how their panel look, and how many buttons are present.

The Aircare 831000 has three buttons for the following functions: fan speed, humidity control, and power. On the other hand, the Aircare SS390DWHT has two buttons: fan speed that doubles as an on/off button, and humidity control.

Coverage Area

The Aircare 831000 covers a wider area of up to 2,700 sq. ft. The Aircare SS390DWHT is designed for medium-sized rooms of up to 2,300 sq. ft.

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Our Final Word: Essick Air Aircare 831000 vs SS390DWHT

Which of these Essick Air humidifiers should you choose? Here’s what we have to say.

Sure, the design of the Aircare SS390DWHT’s front grill is truly helpful when it comes to refilling water, but the Aircare 831000 wins because it has a better or wider coverage area. For that, purchase the Aircare 831000.