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Winix C535 vs 5300-2, Full Comparison Report

Winix C535 vs 5300-2

Winix C535 vs 5300-2… what’s the difference between these two Winix air purifiers? There’s not much. In fact, they have a lot more in common than they have differences. But their very few differences may be crucial to your decision as to which of them you should pick.

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Comparison Chart: Winix C535 vs 5300-2

Let’s start with this comparison chart.

Winix Air Purifier
Model Check Price » Winix C535 Check Price » Winix 5300-2
PlasmaWave Technology
Control Panel
Remote Control
Fan Speeds 4 4
Power Voltage AC120V/60Hz AC120V/60Hz
Power Rate 70W 70W
Room Area Served 360 sq. ft. 360 sq. ft.
Dimensions 14.9 in(W) x 7.8 in(D) x 23.6 in(H) 14.9 in(W) x 23.6 in(D) x 7.8 in(H)
Weight 17.6 lbs 17.6 lbs
Air Purification System 3 Stages 3 Stages
Non-Washable Carbon Filter
True HEPA Filter
Included Carbon Filter 8 4
Sensors and Indicators
Odor Sensor
Light Sensor
PlasmaWave Indicator
Timer Indicator
Fan Speed Indicator
Change True HEPA Filter Indicator
Air Quality Indicator
Buttons and Modes
Auto Mode
Sleep Mode
Manual Mode
Turbo Mode
Reset Button

Key Differences: Winix C535 vs 5300-2

As you can easily notice using the chart above, the differences between these two air purifiers are very few. Here’s a list.


Take a look at their images, and you’ll quickly note that these air purifiers differ in their color. One is white, and the other is mostly grey. And then if you take a look again, the grills are built differently. With the 5300-2, the front panel has vertical openings. On the other hand, the C535’s front panel has square openings.

Remote Control

Unlike the Winix C535, the 5300-2 doesn’t come with a remote and a cradle.

Carbon Filter

When you receive your package of the Winix C535, you should receive 8 carbon filters. With the 5300-2, there should be 4 carbon filters.

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Final Word: Winix C535 vs 5300-2

Which one of these should you go for? Here’s our recommendation.

Go ahead and get the Winix C535. Not only is it super attractive, but it also comes with a remote control, and it comes with 8 carbon filters.

Where to Buy Winix C535 and 5300-2

Check Price » Winix C535 Check Price » Winix 5300-2