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Winix U300 vs WAC9500, What’s the Difference?

Winix U300 vs WAC9500

Winix U300 vs WAC9500… Which of these Winix air purifiers should you choose? Is it the Winix U300, a 5-stage purifier with a more modern, sleeker look? Or is it the WAC9500, another 5-stage air purifier but has a more classic exterior? To help you with some answers, let’s take a look at this comparison report.

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Comparison Chart: Winix U300 vs WAC9500

Let’s start with this comparison chart.

Winix Air Purifier
Model Check Price » Winix WAC9500 Check Price » Winix U300
Digital Control Panel
Remote Control
Fan Speeds 4 4
Power Voltage AC120V/60Hz AC120V/60Hz
Power Rate 50W 60W
Room Area Served 210 sq. ft. 300 sq. ft.
Dimensions 13.8 in x 9.1 in x 18.5 in 8.66 in x 21.65 x in 16.30
Weight 13.7 lbs 13.95 lbs
Filtration Stages 5 Stages 5 Stages
Washable, Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter
Carbon Filter ✅ Washable ✅ Washable Advanced Odor Control (AOC)
Nano Silver Mesh
True HEPA Filter
Cleancel Anti-Microbial Filter Protection
Dust 182 197
Pollen 194 214
Smoke 183 197
Sensors and Indicators
Odor Sensor
Dust Sensor
Timer Indicator
Light Sensor
PlasmaWave Indicator
Fan Speed Indicator
Change Filter Indicator
Air Quality Indicator
Buttons and Modes
Auto Mode
Sleep Mode
Manual Mode
Turbo Mode
Reset Button

Key Differences: Winix U300 vs WAC9500

What are the most notable differences between the Winix U300 and the WAC9500? Here’s a list.

Coverage Area

The Winix U300 can cover more area, which is measured to be 300 square feet. In comparison, the WAC9500 has a coverage area of 210 square feet.


The WAC9500 makes use of a washable carbon filter with a nano silver mesh. What does this mesh do? According to the WAC9500’s user manual, this shield that contains super-small silver particles can neutralize bacteria upon contact.


CADR rating is a measurement of how fast an air purifier can clean the air. Based on the CADR data we’ve gathered, the U300 performs faster than the WAC9500.

Functions, Sensors, and Buttons

The WAC9500 does not have an air quality indicator, but to make up for this, it has an odor sensor and a dust sensor. With these sensors come an indicator that lights up depending on the level of dust or smoke the air purifier has detected.

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Final Word: Winix U300 vs WAC9500

Here’s what we recommend.

There’s a slight difference in features and funtionalities, but overall, we think you should get the Winix U300. Not only does it have a modern look, but it also has a wider coverage area and its CADR ratings indicate that it does its job faster than the WAC9500.

Where to Buy Winix U300 vs WAC9500

Check Price » Winix WAC9500 Check Price » Winix U300