The Essick Air Aircare EP9 800 has three distinct characteristics.

One, it’s a whole-house humidifier, so if you want to humidify your entire house, then this should be on your list. Second, it’s a pedestal-type, so expect a taller-than-your-usual humidifier. Third, it’s classified as “evaporative.” Meaning, it relies on a built-in fan to create and distribute mists into the air.

Now, here’s the big question: Should you invest in the EP9 800?

To help you with the answer, first, know what previous buyers have said about their unit. In this Aircare EP9 800 review, we give you just that, including this humidifier’s pros and cons.

Key Features of the Essick Air Aircare EP9 800


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First, let’s have a look at the Aircare EP9 800’s key features.

Up to 2,400 Square Feet

The Aircare EP9 800 has a square base, measuring 18 by 18 inches. It also stands 27.25 inches tall. Although this humidifier cannot compete in height with a pedestal fan, it towers over other humidifiers such as, say, the Levoit LV600HH.

With its big footprint, the Aircare EP9 800 is able to cover a wide space. In fact, it’s a whole-house humidifier, which can humidify up to 2,400 square feet. If you live in a place where relative humidity is a problem, then this is definitely for you.

Control Panel

Refer to the first image on the right.

The Essick Air Aircare EP9 800 has a simple control panel. It comes with a digital readout display that shows three tidbits of info: the actual humidity level, the desired humidity level, and fan speed.


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In the image, you can see that there are 3 buttons beside the digital display. These buttons are labeled properly, representing what function they can control and adjust: speed (up to 9 options), humidity, and power (on/off).

When the desired humidity level is reached, the unit shuts off automatically.

Pour-in Fill Door

The Aircare EP9 800 has a capacity of 3.5 gallons. To put water into the tank, there’s a fill door located below the control panel. Open the door and carefully pour water into it until it reaches the MAX FILL level.

Refer to the second image on the right.

Other Features and Technical Specs

  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 27.25″ H
  • Automatic Humidistat: Yes
  • Watts: 70
  • Casters: Yes

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Consumer Feedback

In this part of our Aircare EP9 800 review, we give you a summary of this humidifier’s pros and cons based on consumer feedback posted on a popular online retailer.

Pros of the Aircare EP9 800

  • Performance. It works fast. One person observed that it quickly increases humidity.
  • Allergies. People who suffered from sinus issues because of dry air said that they’ve seen improvements after using the Essick Air Aircare EP9 800. For instance, one person said that the no longer wake up with a headache or stuffed sinuses. Another person said she no longer has to put tons of lotion even though they live in an area where temperatures can drop below zero.
  • Noise. As you go higher on the speed setting, this evaporative humidifier gets noisier. The lower speeds shouldn’t be bothersome.
  • Condensation. The general feedback is that this humidifier doesn’t leave water residue on the floor. Neither does it cause misting on furniture pieces, especially those that are near this unit. But to be safe, it’s best to put a plastic liner underneath it.
  • Refill. Several people say that it’s easy to fill, but some people disagree. Why? There is a MAX LINE mark inside the fill door, but you’ll have to peek through it because there’s no indicator on the outside. That said, refilling this humidifier can be a pain, to borrow the words of a previous buyer.
  • Function. Surprisingly, it can double as a table. You can put a decorative vase on top of it.

Aircare EP9 800 Limitations

  • The Essick Air Aircare EP9 800 only produces cool mist. There is no warm-mist option.
  • Some people don’t like how this humidifier looks. One person, for instance, says it’s not pleasing to the eye, adding that it’s a big plastic brown box.
  • There are concerns about the accuracy of the humidity readings. One person said that based on other meters, this unit reads about 5% more than the actual reading.
  • Unfortunately, although it’s advertised to cover up to 2,500 square feet, not everyone agrees that it can cover this much space. Several people say they have one Aircare EP9 800 for each storey in their house.
  • It’s not a space-saving device. You might find it bulky.
  • It doesn’t turn off when it’s running out of water.

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Our Recommendation: Aircare EP9 800 Review

Should you get the Aircare EP9 800? Let’s end this Aircare EP9 800 review with this no-nonsense recommendation.

Purchase the Aircare EP9 800 with reservations. There are valid concerns raised by previous buyers that you need to consider, from the accuracy of humidity readings up to the noise it makes.


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