Are you looking for an air purifier that you can control on your smartphone? You might want to check out Airmega 400S, a 24.7-pound device whose coverage area suits large rooms of up to more than 1,500 square feet. It comes with a mobile app that gives you the ability to set the timer, monitor your house’s air quality, and even see the status of the filters – all these can be done on your phone.

In this Airmega 400S review, we’re giving you a complete report of this product, including its key features and more importantly, what previous buyers have to say about their unit.

Key Features of the Airmega 400S


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Advertised as “the most advanced air purifier developed by Coway,” the Airmega 400S boasts powerful features that can cover a large room of up to 1,560 square feet.

To jumpstart this Airmega 400S review, here are the product’s key features.

Mobile app

Let’s start with the obvious. There’s only a few brands that have mobile app connectivity, so kudos to Coway for incorporating it in the 400S.

The moment you’re connected to the network, you can enjoy the following functionalities: monitor the air quality, check the status of the filters, schedule the timer, and receive real-time air quality updates.

2 filters

The Airmega 400S comes with 2 filters – a washable pre-filter and Max2, a filter set that contains activated carbon and true HEPA filters.

Real-time air quality monitoring

The Airmega 400S is equipped with sensors that are able to tell you the air quality of your home. All you have to do is to check the color changes in the LED ring displayed on the control panel. Note that you can also check the current air quality on your mobile app.

Here’s what the colors mean.

– blue and green: good
– green and yellow: moderate
– yellow and pink: unhealthy
– pink and red: very unhealthy

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Smart mode

You can choose to customize the air speed yourself, but if you want to take advantage of Airmega 400S’s automatic features, you can always select the “Smart” mode.

What happens at Smart mode?

First, expect this air purifier to automatically adjust the speed to match the air quality of the room. If the room is dark and the air quality is consistently good for 3 minutes, the Sleep mode is triggered, which automatically reduces noise and power consumption. If everything looks good for more than 10 minutes, this air purifier is automatically set to Eco mode, which shuts off the fan to conserve energy. It restarts when there is a change in air quality.

Filter notifications

There is a status alert for the filters (Max2 and pre-filters) if they need to be replaced.

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Airmega 400S vs 400, What’s the Difference?

The differences between the Airmega 400S and the Airmega 400 are outlined as follows:

– App: 400S (yes – iOS, android), 400 (n/a)
– Sleep mode: 400S (automatic), 400 (manual)
– Timer: 400S (1, 2, 4, 8 hours), 400 (1, 4, 8 hours)

Everything else (e.g., coverage area, weight, product dimensions, etc.) is the same.

Airmega 400S Review, Consumer Feedback


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In this part of our Airmega 400S review, we give you a consumer report of what previous buyers have to say about their unit. What are its pros and cons? Does it work well in reducing odors? Read on to find out.

App connectivity is truly helpful.

Although it’s not a perfect app – with several consumers saying it can be improved – props should be given to Coway for coming up with this feature. It gives you a truly wireless experience.

However, there are some issues that need to be addressed. One user has observed that it takes quite a while for the data to show up when you’re trying to access the indoor air quality graph. Also, when the device sets to Eco mode, you won’t be able to access any information about the device through the mobile app.

It’s sleek and well-built.

Sure, the Airmega 400S air purifier may look like an amplifier, but it’s very pretty and well-built. From the words of one user, this air purifier looks like it came from the future. Not only that. It also fits well into your home. All you have to do is to find a good space for it.

It helps with allergies.

Allergy sufferers report that this air purifier has helped reduce the symptoms of their allergies. No more morning sniffles, says one. Another person says that it has “improved my breathing and sinus symptoms.”

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It’s very quiet on the lowest setting.

It’s “virtually silent” on the lowest setting, as one person has said. It’s “almost inaudible” on the second lowest setting.

One person, however, says that there is an annoying “chime” that this air purifier makes when it automatically changes modes. This sound, he says, can wake you up.

It has an excellent filter system.

At least three people have praised the Airmega 400S’ filters. According to one, the filters allow more air to flow but at the same time ensuring a quieter operation. The filters are also thick enough to be able to catch the bigger particles. In other words, this dual filter system makes the Airmega 400s twice as effective as the others.

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