What is the best tower air purifier? There are, naturally, criteria crucial to making this top-pick list, but before we get into that, allow us to give you the benefits of buying a “tower” air purifier.

The most important advantage has something to do with space. Not all people live in a spacious apartment or a house with a grand living room where storage or space isn’t a problem. With that, a tower air purifier is definitely a very good solution. Although it is not THE solution — there are plug-in air purifiers available — it gives people another space-saving option.

To come up with this list of best tower air purifier, we went through what we can find about the products, including its features, and then read comments and feedback from previous buyers.

Best Tower Air Purifier Pick #1: GermGuardian AC4825

The GermGuardian AC4825 topped this list because on a popular online retailer, it has consistently been given very good ratings and generally positive feedback by previous buyers and consumers, a good indication that this product delivers its promises.

What does this air purifier offer? Without going into too much detail, the AC4825 functions both as an air purifier and a sanitizer. It’s able to eliminate germs and bacteria, and at the same time, it also captures allergens such as dust and other pollutants.

How does it do this? The AC4825 makes use of a 3-in-1 system. This 22-inch appliance is equipped with UV-C light, True HEPA filter, and a pre-filter, 3 super-helpful tools that capture, collect, and rid pollutants.

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Best Tower Air Purifier Pick #2: Honeywell HFD-120-Q

One of the advantages of the Honeywell HFD-120-Q QuietClean tower air purifier is that it comes with permanent, washable filters. Imagine big savings on replacements!

How does this product work? As advertised, it comes with a 3-step filtration system which involves the use of filters at the first steps and an ionizer at the last stage. When it comes to room coverage, expect this tower air purifier to cover spaces up to 170 square feet.

As for its CADR ratings, our research showed us the following for Dust/Smoke/Pollen CADR: 100/110/132, which is not bad for a tiny appliance.

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Best Tower Air Purifier Pick #3: GermGuardian AC5350W

As you can easily notice, our third pick is another GermGuardian. But before you react, let us say that just like the AC4825, the AC5350W has also received praises from previous buyers and consumers.

What does the GermGuardian AC5350W offer? For starters, this is equipped with a 4-in-1 purification system that involves the acting mechanisms of a UV-C light, a True HEPA filter, a pre-fiber, and a charcoal layer. Additionally, you can choose among 5 speed settings, with the highest setting maximixing allergen control.

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Best Tower Air Purifier Pick #4: GermGuardian AC5000E

Still another GermGuardian, but this has to tell you something. Of all the tower air purifiers on the market today, this brand is not only popular among consumers, but its consistent high ratings are saying a lot.

What does the GermGuardian AC5000E offer? Standing 28 inches, this air purifier is taller than others on this list. Not that the height matters, but some people just prefer taller appliances. Besides, this means that it has a larger front grill, which, in theory, can process more air.

This GermGuardian air purifier has a 3-in-1 filtration system, comes with a 125+ CADR rating, and as advertised, is best for “medium to large rooms.”


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