Advertised as an air purifier that “cleans air every 12 minutes,” the Blue Pure 211 is a 3-part filtration system that promises to cover medium to large rooms between 400 to 600 sq. ft. In this Blue Pure 211 air purifier review, we give you what you need to know about the product.

Blue Pure 211’s Key Features


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Here’s a rundown of Blue Pure 211’s top features.

3-Part Filtration System

Just like many other brands, the Blue Pure 211 cleans air through a series of filters. But what’s unique about this system is its pre-filter, which is a fabric wrapped around the device. It’s difficult to believe at first glance, but according to Blueair, this fabric pre-filter traps large particles such as hair and dust mites. This filter comes in 5 attractive colors, but only 2 are given out for free – dark shadow and diva blue.

This air purifier comes with two other filters – a particle filter that traps allergens, pollen, and mold spores; and a carbon filter that removes smoke and other odor-causing bacteria.


From this video, the manufacturers say that “in just one hour, the Blue Pure 211 can reduce pollen, dust, and tobacco smoke by 80% in a room up to 540 sq. ft.”

1-Button Control

Talk about being simplistic. This air purifier doesn’t have a control filled with buttons. In fact, it only has one button that you can use to adjust the speeds.

Air Intake

The air enters the device from all its four sides, giving it a 360-degree air intake. The air then makes its way through a series of filters before getting blown out of the top of this air purifier.

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Blue Pure 211 Air Purifier Review, Consumer Feedback


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In this section of our Blue Pure 211 air purifier review, we’ve gathered consumer feedback and comments and present them in a summarized report below.

Odor reduction

Different buyers have different experiences, but most are positive. One person who has cats say that this air purifier has managed to make the air fresher. He says that with this device, the odor doesn’t stay around as long as without it.

For people who stay in a studio apartment, this can help reduce cooking odors and fumes as well. One person says she puts it on high while she’s cooking, and she notices a difference. There’s no longer any lingering smell.

Another person who lives in a 1-bedroom apartment complains that his neighbors produce all types of annoying odors including cigarette smoke. After one week of having this device, he said the air in his house smells fresher, and that his apartment never smells stale.

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Does it work against allergies? Yes, it does. It works in reducing symptoms of allergies. One person shares that because of this air purifier, she no longer gets “itchy water eyes” or “stuffed up nose” when she wakes up in the morning.


According to this video, the noise produced by this air purifier differs per setting and has the following measurements. 31-56 db

What does this mean? One person used the following descriptions:

– on low, it’s whisper quiet,
– on medium, it gets louder but won’t interrupt sleep, and
– on high, it’s a bit noisy, but not unbearable.

From one user how has both a Honeywell air purifier, the Blue Pure 211 is much quieter on its lowest setting.


The Blue Pure 211 air purifier is obviously not a perfect product. Feature-wise, some people wish this air purifier had some functionalities that other brands have. For instance, since the Blue Pure 211 is only a 1-button device, it doesn’t have a timer or even an auto-detect sensor.

Next, you might find this device to be on the large side, although it’s not particularly heavy.

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