Too much moisture in the air has at least two negative effects – prevalence of molds and other harmful organisms, and damage to your property not to mention the unpleasant smells. To normalize moisture in your home, you need a dehumidifier, a device that combats condensation to prevent the above mentioned problems. One of the … Read more

Danby DDR030BDWDB Review – Should You Buy It?

Standing more than 19 inches in height, the Danby DDR030BDWDB promises to “improve the comfort level of your home.” It has a 30-pint dehumidification capacity, has 2 fan speeds, and is rated to work in rooms that measure up to 1,500 square feet. But how did this dehumidifier fare among previous buyers? Find out in this Danby DDR030BDWDB … Read more

Afloia Dehumidifier for home 2000ml review

Why get this Afloia dehumidifier? As a dehumidifier, it takes out excess moisture from the air, thereby helping you solve the following problems: damp corners, smelly clothing, moldy furniture and books, and health-related threats because of allergies and bacteria reproduction. But is this dehumidifier any good? Let’s provide the answer in this Afloia dehumidifier for … Read more