Green air classic air purifier ozone generator review (SFA 2.2)

There’s an explicit warning from Green Air’s official website about the SFA 2.2: This ozone generator cannot be shipped to California because it hasn’t met California standards. That being said, let’s get right on with this Green Air Classic air purifier ozone generator review. Should you get one? What are its pros and cons? Read on to … Read more

Green air pro vs deluxe ozone generator, gap-400 vs gad-500

One person asked: What’s the difference between the Green Air Deluxe (GAD-500) and the Green Air Pro (GAP-400)? Here’s the short answer: There are 3 main differences, and in this Green Air Pro vs Deluxe ozone generator comparison report, we give you the full details. You can check for Green air pro vs deluxe ozone … Read more

Green air deluxe ozone generator review (gad-500)

Of the Green Air ozone generators available on the market today (Classic, Pro, and Deluxe), the Green Air Deluxe (GAD-500) is so far the most advanced, feature-wise. It comes with a 3-plate technology, a quadruple filter system, and two separate timers. You can check for Green air deluxe ozone generator review (gad-500) But the bigger question … Read more

Green air pro 2 plate ozone generator review gap-400

The Green Air Pro ozone generator doesn’t come with the most attractive design. In fact, you can easily mistake it for an amplifier. But as you know, many feature-packed appliances don’t deliver, so the bigger question is, does the Green Air Pro work? It’s obviously a no-frills air purifier/ozone generator, but what do previous buyers say about … Read more

Ozone power op5000 review, commercial ozone generator

As a commercial ozone generator, the OP5000 has a larger plate that, as advertised is able to generate 5,000 mg. of “true” ozone per hour. That’s a lot of output compared with that of other brands such as the green air deluxe, which has an output of 3,500 mg/hr. You can check for Ozone power … Read more