Elechomes CH352 vs CH601… which of these humidifiers should you choose? Knowing their differences helps, and for this reason, we give you this comparison report.

There’s plenty of differences between these Elechomes humidifiers, from the shape of the unit and the capacity of the reservoir up to their functions. Continue reading to know their full list of differences.

Comparison Chart: Elechomes CH352 vs CH601

Elechomes Humidifiers
Models Check Price » Elechomes CH352 Check Price » Elechomes CH601
Water Tank Capacity 3.5 liters 6.0 liters
Weight 1.1 kg 2.24 kg
Aromatherapy Box ✅ ✅
Cool Mist Function ✅ ✅
Adjustable Mist Settings ✅ ✅
360-Rotatable Nozzle ✅ ✅
Warm Mist Function ❌ ✅
Remote Control ❌ ✅
Filter ❌ ✅
Timer ❌ ✅
Automatic Button ❌ ✅
Humidity Button ❌ ✅
7-Color Changing LED Light ✅ ❌

Key Differences

You’ve seen the chart above. Now, let’s list down the main differences between these two Elechomes humidifiers.

Design and Weight

The most noticeable difference is the design of these humidifiers. The Elechomes CH601 has a sleeker, rectangular design, and overall, it looks better. The CH352, on the other hand, is slimmer with some curves.

Which one is heavier? It’s the CH601. Based on data provided by the brand, it weighs 2.24 kg. In comparison, the CH352 weighs 1.1 kg.

When it comes to color, the Elechomes CH352 is all-white while the CH601 is mainly black.

Control Panel

Another difference is their control panel.

The Elechomes CH352 is equipped with a simple mechanical knob, which you can use to adjust the mist settings of the unit. On the other hand, the CH601 comes with a digital display and and a touch-screen panel to adjust your preferences.

Let’s not forget that the Elechomes CH601 comes with a remote control.



Elechomes CH352


Elechomes CH601



The Elechomes CH601 is equipped with several functions that are not present in the CH352. What are they?

One, it comes with a warm-mist functionality. You can switch between cool and warm mist by simply selecting the respective button. Second, it has a Timer function, which allows you to choose among 12 pre-set programs. Third, it has an Automatic button that lets the unit automatically adjust to the needed setting. Fourth, it has a Humidity button that lets you key in your desired humidity level. Once this level is reached, the unit automatically shuts off.

The CH601 also has a filter.

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Our Final Word: Elechomes CH352 vs CH601

So… which of these humidifiers should you get? Let’s end this Elechomes CH352 vs CH601 comparison report with this recommendation.

Get the Elechomes CH601. It has better features, it’s more advanced, and it has a larger water reservoir. The remote control is also a big plus.

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