At first glance, the Elechomes CH601 seems to have everything you want in a humidifier. One, it’s multi-functional. Not only can it add moisture to the air to prevent you from suffering reactions due to dryness. But it also serves as an aromatherapy diffuser. Second, it has a large water reservoir – 6 liters to be exact. Most importantly, it releases warm and cool mist.

But the bigger question is, does it give positive results? What are its pros and cons? Let’s find out in this Elechomes CH601 warm & cool mist humidifier review.

Key Features of the Elechomes CH601


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Let’s first have a look at the key features of the Elechomes CH601.


As previously mentioned, the Elechomes CH601 is multi-functional. Other than its warm and cool mist functions, it also has a separate aromatherapy basket so that you can add your favorite essential oil while balancing the moisture inside your home. The aromatherapy box is located the bottom of the unit.

Warm & Cool Mist

This humidifier puts out warm or cool mist depending on which button you press. To easily switch to its cool mist function, simply press the Cool Mist button on the control panel.

Note that the mist strength can be adjusted by simply pressing the Cool Mist button a few times – once for low, twice for medium, and three times for high.

The Warm Mist button also gives you these settings.


There are three other impressive functions that the Elechomes CH601 has.

One, it comes with a Timer function. Through the Timer button, you can select among 12 preset times. Two, this humidifier comes with a Humidity button, which you can use to set your desired humidity. When the desired humidity level is reached, the device will shut off automatically. Third, the Elechomes CH601 has an Auto button, which you can press if you want the unit to adjust the settings automatically.

Refer to the image on the right for your reference.

Other Features and Technical Specs

  • Net Weight: 2.24kg
  • Dimensions: 285 x 195 x 280 mm
  • Noise: < 45dB
  • Water Tank Capacity: 6L, water tank is removable
  • Timer: 1-12 hours
  • Power Cable Length: 1.1m
  • Power: 280W
  • Remote control: yes

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Consumer Feedback: Pros and Cons

How did the Elechomes CH601 fare among previous buyers? We went through the comment and feedback section of a popular online retailer, and in summarized form, this is what we found out about this humidifier.

Pros of the Elechomes CH601


Check Price » Elechomes CH601

  • Performance. The big question is, does it work? The general feedback is yes, it does work. One person said the Elechomes CH601 keeps her sleeping well. Another person says they enjoy the mist pushing over their faces while they sleep. Does it work with irritations? Yes, it does. One buyer said it has helped with his stuffy nose and dry throat.
  • Features. This humidifier is equipped with a filter (located between the tank and the vaporizer), which is helpful in preventing “white dust” from spreading in the room.
  • Run time. The Elechomes CH601 has a water tank with a 6-liter capacity. It can run up to 10 hours straight, so you can sleep well at night without having to worry about getting up to refill your unit.
  • Coverage Area. According to the seller, this humidifier is ideal for a “big room” such as a living room. It can cover a room that measures 20 x 30 square meters.
  • Noise. The general consensus is that it’s a quiet appliance. One person even used “whisper quiet” to describe it.

Other Comments

  • It automatically shuts off when it runs out of water.
  • Although some people use tap water and say they haven’t experienced issues, it’s best to use distilled water especially if you live in a place with hard water. This is to prolong the lifespan of this humidifier.
  • According to the seller, the parts are dishwasher safe.
  • It looks nice.

Elechomes CH601 Limitations

  • The LED lights, unfortunately, cannot be turned off. You can put a cloth to cover it if they annoy you especially when trying to get some sleep at night. Some people use sticky tape.
  • It can pump out too much steam it can set off the smoke alarm especially at the highest setting.
  • It may not be the easiest humidifier to fill up.
  • A few people have complained of leakage problems.
  • Some people have mentioned that the remote either doesn’t work or does not work from more than a couple of feet away.

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Our Recommendation: Elechomes CH601 Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier Review

So… should you get one for yourself? Let’s end this Elechomes CH601 warm & cool mist humidifier review with this recommendation.

Purchase the Elechomes CH601 with reservations. When it has no issues, it works well. It does what it’s supposed to do. For instance, it can help with cough, runny nose, and dry throat. But as mentioned in the limitations section, there are valid complaints or issues that must be addressed by the company.


Check Price » Elechomes CH601

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