The Aircare 831000 from Essick Air is classified as an “evaporative humidifier.” Compared to ultrasonics, this type of humidifier relies on a wick filter to hold and draw water up to a fan, which then evaporates the water as a mist or spray. Because of that, evaporative humidifiers are also sometimes called “wick humidifiers.”

One of the advantages of evaporative humidifiers is the absence of greyish dust expelled into the room. This dust is from mineral deposits that are trapped and collected by the humidifier’s filters.

Why should you want to introduce a humidifier into your home?

Because first and foremost, it helps protect your family (which includes pets) from the flu virus and possible allergic reactions due to dry air. It also helps hydrate your home, including your furniture pieces. It eliminates creaking wooden floors.

Here, we’re giving you our Essick Air Aircare 831000 review. This report is based on what previous buyers have to say about their unit. What are its pros and cons? Should you get one? We help you find the answers here.

Key Features of the Aircare 831000


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How does this evaporative humidifier work?

According to the manual, dry air enters into the humidifier top, flows through a saturated wick that creates humidified air, and then circulated into the room through the front grill.

What features can you expect from the Aircare 831000?

As avertised, this evaporative humidifier has 4 key features: adjustable humidistat, three-speed fan, easy pour-in reservoir, and four casters.

It has a 6-gallon water capacity that is able to cover living spaces that measure up to 2,700 square feet. It comes with a digital control that displays three bits of information: refill, fan speed, and the relative humidity level.
When the water reservoir is empty, it goes into Auto Dry Out Mode. The display shows an F message and the motor shuts off automatically.

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Essick Air Aircare 831000 Review: Pros and Cons

What do previous buyers say about their unit? We went through the comments section of a popular online retailer, and in summarized form, here’s what we found out about the product.


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Does it really humidify your room?

The general consensus is that the Aircare 831000 does work in serving this purpose. Previous buyers who say have “horrible humidity” have reported that this humidifier keeps their house comfortable. During the winter, it keeps the moisture in when the heater is on.

It’s also easy to use. Plus, you don’t have to refill the water tank everyday, which is a big plus.

White Dust

As previously mentioned, evaporative humidifiers are known to prevent white dust from being blown around the room. Does the Aircare 831000 deliver this promise?

It seems that it does. According to general feedback, this humidifier doesn’t leave white dust.

While we’re on the subject of white dust, here’s a common question: Can you use tap water?

Remember that white dust is produced especially when you live in an area where water is considered “hard.” But because the Aircare 831000 has a filter, you can opt not to use distilled water. However, expect the filter’s life span to be shorter.

Cooling Effect

This humidifier is not an airconditioning unit. However, some people have noticed a cooling effect. Its nature as an evaporative humidifer is a possible explanation. It blows out water as mist or spray, so it creates a wind-chill effect.


Compared to ultrasonics, evaporative humidifiers are louder. But according to general feedback, the Aircare 831000 is quiet on low and medium fan settings. When it’s set on high, that’s when previous buyers say this unit gets noticeable or even described as “loud.”


The general consensus is that this unit is very easy to clean. In fact, the top lid lifts off, making the fan blades accessible so that you can clean them.


Unfortunately, you cannot turn off the control panel. That means if the indicator lights annoy you at night, the only way to get rid of them is to cover them with a cloth or tape.

Can you run this humidifier temporarily without the filter? According to the manufacturer, you certainly can. However, it doesn’t add moisture into the air.

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Essick Air Aircare 831000 Review: Our Recommendation

Should you purchase the Aircare 831000? Let’s end this Essick Air Aircare 831000 review with this recommendation.

Yes, purchase the Aircare 831000. It works well in keeping the moisture inside your home even during the winter season. It’s also easy to use, easy to clean, and relatively quiet for an evaporative humidifier.


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