Key Features of the Everlasting Comfort Humidifier


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What else can we expect from this humidifier? Let’s start with its key features.


If you’re looking for a humidifier that can double as an aroma diffuser, look no further because the Everlasting Comfort has a built-in tray for essential oils. The tray is located at the lower side of the unit.

To use this function, simply put several drops of your favorite oils into the tray, close it properly, and wait for the unit to do the rest. The fan circulates and mixes the oils into the mist, so you can enjoy not just clean and refreshing air but also sweet-smelling one.

Coverage Area

As previously mentioned, the Everlasting Comfort humidifier can cover a full size room. In numbers, this means rooms of up to 400 square feet. The 6-liter water can last up to 50 straight hours between refills.

Simple Controls

Nope, this humidifier doesn’t come with an LED screen or control panel. In fact, it has a simple knob to control its functions. Turn the knob clockwise to turn the unit on and to control the mist output. There’s also a blue LED nightlight.

Auto Shut-Off

This humidifier has a low-water level protection feature, which automatically shuts off your unit when it detects that the humidifier is out of water.

Another brand of humidifier that also has this feature is the TaoTronics TT-AH002.

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Consumer Feedback: Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

What do previous consumers say about their Everlasting Comfort humidifier? To find out, we went through the comments and feedback section of a popular online retailer. In summarized form, here’s what we found out about this product.



Check Price » Everlasting Comfort Humidifier

Here are the positive feedback about the Everlasting Comfort humidifier.

Can you use tap water?

Yes, you can use tap water, but in places with hard water, two things are most likely to happen. One, your floor or furniture may be covered with “white dust”; two, there may be a build-up of minerals in your humidifier. To prevent these from happening, it’s recommended that you use distilled water.

Is it noisy?

The Everlasting Comfort ultrasonic humidifier is not noisy at all. In fact, as one person has said, it’s “almost completely quiet.” However, as some buyers have reported, this humidifier can make a “trickling” or “dripping sound” occassionally. Also, it may start to get loud as it ages.

How long is the runtime?

Is it true that it can last up to 50 hours of continuous use? Apparently so, as observed by several consumers. For instance, according to one person, it lasts him 2 nights.

Does it work?

Humidifiers help maintain an acceptable humidity level to avoid drying your skin. The general consensus is that, yes, the Everlasting Comfort ultrasonic humidifier helps to serve this purpose.

A buyer said that the humidity in his room has dropped to about 30 percent. With this device, it has gone up within the 40 to 55 percent range.

Another person who said she suffers from colds and congestion because of the humidity has only positive things to say about her unit. She says that with this device, she is able to breathe better and sleep better. One person said that she and her husband notice a difference in their breathing after purchasing this humidifier.


Here are some limitations of the product.

Unfortunately, this is only a cool-mist humidifier. If you’re looking for a cool-and-warm mist brand, you might want to consider the Levoit LV600HH hybrid humidifier.

The parts are not dishwasher safe. You’re better off cleaning it by hand with soapy water. From time to time, rinse it with white vinegar to declog any parts of mineral deposits.

Unlike other brands such as the TaoTronics TT-AH001, the Everlasting Comfort humidifier doesn’t have a feature that lets you customize or set the relative humidity (RH) level of your preference.

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Our Recommendation: Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

To end this Everlasting Comfort ultrasonic humidifier review, we go back to the original question: Should you get one for yourself? Here’s what we have to say.

It may not be the most modern-looking humidifier in town, but it works. So our verdict is, yes, go ahead and purchase the Everlasting Comfort ultrasonic humidifier. It’s a no-frills product, it’s simple to use, but it works.


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