Green air deluxe ozone generator review (gad-500)

Of the Green Air ozone generators available on the market today (Classic, Pro, and Deluxe), the Green Air Deluxe (GAD-500) is so far the most advanced, feature-wise. It comes with a 3-plate technology, a quadruple filter system, and two separate timers. You can check for Green air deluxe ozone generator review (gad-500)

But the bigger question is, should you get one for yourself? To help you with an answer, we give you what previous consumers have to say about their unit in this Green Air Deluxe ozone generator review.

Key Features of the Green Air GAD-500

Let’s start this review by listing and explaining the Green Air Deluxe’s key features.

3 Plate System

Just like the Pro (GAP-400) and Classic (SFA 2.2), the Green Air Deluxe uses a plate system to generate ozone. What’s their difference? It’s mainly in the number of the ozone plates they’re equipped with.

The Green Air Deluxe GAD-500 has 3 plates. Meaning, it produces more ozone and it does the job in no time.

Quadruple Filter System

The Green Air Deluxe (GAD-500) is not just an ozone generator. It’s also designed as an air purifier through its quadruple filter system. As advertised, air passes through 4 different types of filters, which include the following: Pre-filter, HEPA, odor-fighting filter, and the Photo Catalytic (PCO) filter. This system gathers and eliminates airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns.

2 Timers

Another unique feature of the Green Air Deluxe is its 2-timer system. There is a separate timer for ozone generator, and there’s a separate timer for the fan.

Other Features

  • Through the Control Panel or remote control, you can adjust the following key functions: Fan, Ozone, UV/Anion.
  • It comes with a remote control.
  • Coverage area: 3,500 sq. ft.
  • Ozone reverts back to oxygen 30 to 45 minutes after unit is turned off.
  • Weight: 16.29 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 15.8 x 12.6 x 11 inches
  • Manufacturer: JB Innovative Products, Inc.

Consumer Feedback: Green Air Deluxe Ozone Generator Review

In this section of our Green Air Deluxe ozone generator review, we give you a summary of what previous buyers have said about their unit.


It’s effective against molds. To borrow the words of one buyer, the Green Air Deluxe (GAD-500) is reliable during the winter months when the windows are not open, causing a strong nasty odor from mildew and molds.

Does it remove smoke?

Yes, it does, according to people who smoke inside the house. Since it’s a 3-plate system, it removes these odors very quickly.

What other odors can this unit eliminate? It also does a great job getting rid of wildfire smoke that infiltrates your house. It also eliminates stinky food smells.

Pros and Cons

The filters are washable and reusable. It’s recommended that you clean them every 3 months, and they should be replaced every year. Cleaning should be through a handheld vacuum. Submerging the filters in water is highly discouraged.

Is it noisy?

The answer depends on the speed the unit is currently at. On the highest speed, you can hear some white noise, and some people find it loud and annoying. On the lowest setting, you can barely hear it.

Is the ozone level adjustable?

Yes, it is. You can choose from 5 settings.

The LED lights on the panel may be too bright to your liking.

As observed by one person, the remote control only works when you point it directly at the front of the unit. If you’re at some distance or at an angle that doesn’t fall within its coverage, it won’t work.

Other Comments

Where is this made? China.

Our Recommendation: Green Air Deluxe Ozone Generator Review

To end this Green Air Deluxe ozone generator review, here’s our answer to the ultimate question: Should you get one?

Our answer is a big “yes.” Get a Green Air Deluxe if you want an ozone generator that works and eliminates basically all types of smells quickly. It’s not a perfect machine, though. You may find it loud on the highest fan setting.

I hope you like reading on Green air deluxe ozone generator review (gad-500).

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