Among the air purifiers produced by JB Innovative Products, the Green Air Encore is so far the most modern-looking. It has a sleek, cellphone-like appearance, unlike other the other models that have a box-like figure. In this Green Air Purifiers Green Air Encore review, we give you important details about the product.

Key Features of the Green Air Encore

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What makes the Encore special? To jumpstart this Green Air Purifiers Green Air Encore review, here’s a list of its key features.

It uses a 3-stage filtration system, plus a non-ozone based ionization process.

To clean the air, the Green Air Encore uses a three-stage purification system consisting of 3 filters – a mesh prefilter, an activated carbon compound filter, and a True HEPA filter.

As advertised, this air purifier is a non-ozone based device. Instead of an ionizer that releases ozone, the Encore is equipped with an Ioncluster Ionization Generator tasked to destroy airborne microbes.

How does it accomplish this? The Ioncluster Technology is patented, and involves three steps for purification. First is the release of ioncluster ions. Second, these ions attack and destroy airborne microbes. Third, they return to the air in the form of water.

It has a high CADR rating.

CADR, or Clean Air Delivery Rating, reflects the volume filtered by an air purifier. The higher the rating, the more air is filtered. For the Green Air Encore, the CADR rating is 250, which is quite high compared to other brands of air purifiers.

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It can cover a large room.

The Green Air Encore has an area coverage of up to 1,000 sq. ft. That means it’s an ideal air purifier for large rooms of the house such as your living room and master’s bedroom.

It automatically adjusts to match air quality.

This is an important feature as it helps you save money and energy. The Encore has sensors that detect the air quality of the room, and then adjust to match it.

Choose from 4 operating modes.

You can choose from Auto, Night, Fan, and Silent modes. When you choose Auto, the lights dim when the room is dark after 3 minutes.

Here are some specs that you might be interested in.

– weight: 16 pounds
– product dimensions: 25 x 7.5 x 14 inches
– minimum noise level: 23 dB
– power consumption: 58W
– country of origin: designed and engineered in the USA, manufactured in China

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Consumer Feedback, Green Air Purifiers Green Air Encore Review

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In this part of our Green Air Purifiers Green Air Encore review, we’re giving you a report of what we found out about the product, based on feedback from previous buyers. Below is a summary, focusing on answers to frequently asked questions about the product and its effectiveness.

Does it eliminate cigarette smoke?

The Green Air Encore does eliminate second-hand smoke, but if you are active smokers, the smell won’t disappear completely. The reason being, some of the smell can get stuck on upholstery, draperies, and even clothes.

What about other odors such as pet smell?

It does help in reducing these strong odors, but in some cases, it can take time before you’ll notice positive results. There are types of smell, however, that require more effort in addition to using an air purifier. Urine and animal poop, for instance.

When it comes to other types of smell such as moldy and musty odors, this air purifier does a pretty decent job in eliminating them. According to one user, he lives in an old apartment building, and after 24 hours of using the Green Air Encore, the stale smell disappeared.

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Does it work for allergy sufferers?

The general feedback is positive. Based on consumer feedback, several allergy sufferers say they’ve noticed a difference. Not only does the air smell fresher, but the allergy symptoms they usually experience have vanished. The most common complaint is stuffed nose, sneezing, and breathing problems. The Encore has helped reduce these symptoms.

Is it really quiet?

As advertised, this machine produces only 23 decibels on the lowest setting. Do consumers have the same observation? Apparently so. Many buyers say it’s “very quiet.”

What are the limitations of this product?

According to the manufacturers, this machine is not energy-star certified.

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