The HoMedics UHE-OC1 looks like a bottle of expensive perfume – Dior’s J’adore, anyone? Yup, it looks expensive!

But other than its beauty, is this cool-mist humidifier functional? What can it offer that the competition lacks? Its pros and cons? Find out all the answers in this HoMedics ultrasonic cool mist oscillating humidifier review.

Key Features of the HoMedics UHE-OC1


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First, let’s talk about the HoMedics UHE-OC1’s key features.

Oscillating Head

While many brands of humidifiers have a 360-degree nozzle, the HoMedics UHE-OC1 comes with an oscillating head. It’s capable of oscillating to up to 120 degrees.

Yup, it moves!

And the best part is, it can be controlled. At any time, you can press the oscillation button to focus the mist to a specific direction.

Refer to the image on the right to locate where the oscillation control button is located.

Water Tank and Demineralization Cartridge

The water tank has a 1-gallon capacity, which should give you enough mist to run for a period of up to 48 hours before you need another full refill.

The tank is also equipped with a feature called “clean-tank technology,”which prevents the buildup of molds and mildews.

This humidifier is also equipped with a demineralization cartridge which helps reduce the potential for “white dust.”

Note that this humidifier is classified as an “ultrasonic humidifier,” so it uses high-frequency vibrations to turn water droplets into super fine vapor or mist.


Refer to the image again. Notice that the HoMedics UHE-OC1 comes with a simple control panel – a mechanical knob to adjust the mist output of the humidifier, an oscillation control button, and a night light button.

Other Features and Technical Specs

  • Weight:
  • Product Dimensions: 9.6″ x 8.75″ x 17.5″
  • Room coverage: Small to medium rooms
  • Run Time (on a full tank): Up to 48 hours
  • Auto Shut-off Protection: Yes
  • Demineralization Cartridge Included: Yes

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Pros and Cons: HoMedics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Oscillating Humidifier Review

How did the HoMedics UHE-OC1 fare among previous buyers? Here’s a summary of what we found out about the product.

Pros of the HoMedics UHE-OC1

  • Allergies and Irritations. According to buyers who have allergy and irritation issues (e.g., sinus issues and cough), this humidifier has helped them get rid of or prevent these reactions.
  • Demineralization Cartridge. The HoMedics UHE-OC11 has a demineralization cartridge which prevents white dust from forming and being blown off by the humidifier. Does it work? Yes, it does. One person said there’s a difference between using this humidifier with and without the cartridge.
  • Noise. When the oscillating head isn’t broken, this humidifier is very quiet. As one has observed, you do hear something but it’s barely audible. Sometimes, when the water level is low, you’ll hear a bubbling sound due to the exchange between air and water.

HoMedics UHE-OC1 Limitations

  • There is no built-in diffuser nor an aromatherapy box, so adding essential oils into the water tank is highly discouraged.
  • There were some complaints about the oscillating head. Some buyers said it stopped working after some time, and others say it gives off a loud noise.
  • Although the design of this humidifier is nice, its plastic material may feels cheap.
  • Several buyers complained that their unit stopped working only after a few months of usage.

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Our Recommendation

So… should you get one? Let’s end this HoMedics ultrasonic cool mist oscillating humidifier review with out recommendation.

The HoMedics UHE-OC1 works when it works. It can help allergy sufferers prevent reactions due to dry air. However, it’s difficult to ignore the comments regarding the quality of this humidifier. For that, we say, purchase the HoMedics UHE-OC1 with reservations.


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