Honeywell hpa200 vs hpa204, ultimate comparison

Honeywell HPA200 vs HPA204… What’s the difference between these two Honeywell air purifiers? Is it with their features? Is it their weight? Their CADR rating? Or is it their coverage area?

The short answer is their color. Everything else is the same. Take a look at the side-by-side comparison chart below to know what these air purifiers have in common.

Comparison Chart: Honeywell HPA200 vs HPA204

Air Purifier
Model Check Price » Honeywell HPA200 Check Price » Honeywell HPA204
Color Black White
Digital Control Panel ✅ ✅
Cleaning Levels 4 (Allergen, General Clean, Germ, Turbo) 4 (Allergen, General Clean, Germ, Turbo)
Room Area Served 310 sq. ft. 310 sq. ft.
Dimensions 17.72 x 10.05 x 18.86 in 17.72 x 10.05 x 18.86 in
Weight 20.2 pounds 20.2 pounds
Filtration Stages 2 Stages 2 Stages
Odor-Reducing Pre-Filter ✅ ✅
True HEPA Filter ✅ ✅
Dust 190 190
Pollen 180 180
Smoke 200 200
Functions, Sensors, and Indicators
Timer 2, 4, 8 hours 2, 4, 8 hours
Dimmer ✅ ✅
Check Filter Indicator ✅ ✅
ENERGY STAR Qualified ✅ ✅

Final Word: Honeywell HPA200 vs HPA204

As you can easily tell from the chart above, the difference between the Honeywell HPA200 and the HPA204 is just their color. HPA200 has a black exterior, and the HPA204 maintains a white color. That said, your choice will have something to do with color preference.

Why choose either one of these Honeywells? Because they’re Energy-Star qualified, they are designed to clean air in spaces of up to 310 square feet, and their CADR rating is higher than other models/brands of air purifiers.

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