Comparison Chart: Honeywell HPA250B vs HPA300

This comparison chart is a straightforward tool that lets you in quickly on these Honeywell air purifiers’ models. Quickly scroll down, and you’ll easily see which aspect they differ in, making it easy to make up your mind as to which one you should choose.

Air Purifier
Model Check Price » Honeywell HPA300 Check Price » Honeywell HPA250B
Digital Control Panel ✅ ✅
Cleaning Levels 4 (Allergen, General Clean, Germ, Turbo) 4 (Allergen, General Clean, Germ, Turbo)
Room Area Served 465 sq. ft. 310 sq. ft.
Dimensions 20.08 x 10.83 x 22.32 in 17.7 x 10.1 x 18.9 in
Weight 21 pounds 14.4 pounds
Filtration Stages 2 Stages 2 Stages
Odor-Reducing Pre-Filter ✅ ✅
True HEPA Filter ✅ ✅
Dust 320 190
Pollen 300 180
Smoke 300 200
Functions, Sensors, and Indicators
Timer 2, 4, 8 hours 1 – 18 hours
Dimmer ✅ ✅
Check Filter Indicator ✅ ✅
VOC Sensor ❌ ✅
Allergen Auto-Set Light ❌ ✅
Bluetooth Smart Function ❌ ✅
Schedule Light ❌ ✅

Key Differences: Honeywell HPA250B vs HPA300

Here’s a list of their most notable differences.

Room Coverage

The Honeywell HPA300 is designed to cover an “extra-large” room while the HPA250B is for “large rooms.” In numbers, the HPA300 can cover spaces up to 465 square feet, and the HPA250B can cover up to 310 square feet.

Weight and Size

Expect the HPA300 to be the bigger model, weighing 21 pounds, or about 6 pounds heavier than the HPA250B. For size, the HPA300 stands 20.08 inches in height, which is about 3 inches taller than the HPA250B.


CADR rating is a measure of how fast an air purifier can do its job. Between these Honeywell air purifiers, the HPA300 has a higher set of CADR rating (smoke, dust, pollen).


Overall, the HPA250B has more functions than the HPA300.

The most important of these features is its Bluetooth connectivity. With it, you can connect the HPA250B to an app that you can access through your smartphone. Like with any app, this allows you to not only have control over your air purifier but also to get alerts and notifications.

Two tasks that you can expect with the app are the ability to create multiple schedules, and the ability to receive filter alerts on your smartphone.

Another feature that the HPA300 doesn’t have is VOC Sensor. What does this feature do? VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds.” That said, the sensor is designed to determine the level of VOCs present in your home. The sensor’s indicator is color coded, depending on the level of VOCs it has detected: green for low, amber for moderate, and red for high.

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Final Word: Honeywell HPA250B vs HPA300

Which of these Honeywell air purifiers is for you? Here’s our recommendation.

If you’re looking for a device that covers a large space, then the Honeywell HPA300 is the better option. Otherwise, choose the Honeywell HPA250B. It has more features that are truly helpful.

Where to Buy Honeywell HPA250B and HPA300

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