iTvanila humidifiers come with interesting shapes. Some would describe them as unusual, but we think they look really, really cool. The iTvanila HU-S1, for instance, looks like a vase at first glance. But it’s very elegant, and when not in use, it can blend in as a furniture accent.

In this iTvanila ultrasonic humidifier HU-S1 review, we give you what previous buyers have said about this device. Is it worth it? Read on to find out.

Key Features: What to Expect from the iTvanila HU-S1


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Very quickly, here’s a rundown of the iTvanila HU-S1’s key features.

– Ultrasonic HumidifierUltrasonic humidifiers are one of several types of humidifiers. They product mist (either warm or cool) through high-frequency vibrations. The water molecules are then released or absorbed into the air.

One advantage of ultrasonics is that they quitely operate, which is unlike evaporative humidifiers that rely on a fan to evaporate water into the air.

– Dual Filtration System. The image on the right demonstrates what the filters can do. The iTvanila HU-S1 is equipped with two types of filters that help trap and eliminate airborne pollutants to ensure that you’re only breathing pure and germ-free air. These filters include a carbon filter and a multi-effect water filter.

– Large Water Tank. This humidifier has a reservoir with a 5-liter capacity, which should be more than enough for a large room or several hours of humidification.

– Multiple Mist Levels. You can choose from 3 mist level outputs – Level 1Level 2, and Level 3. Each of these settings is suitable for different seasons. For instance, Level 1 is for spring and summer.

– Remote Control. Yes, you can control this humidifier from a distance. You can even put this humidifier to “Sleep Mode.”

– Essential Oils. Not only is the iTvanila HU-S1 a humidifier, but it’s also an aromatherapy diffuser. There is an essential oils compartment at the bottom where you can add your favorite oils.

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Consumer Feedback


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– Lightweight. One of the good things about the iTvanila HU-S1 is that it’s easy to move because it’s made of ABS plastic, and it’s lightweight. According to the data we’ve gathered, it weighs nly 3.09 lbs.

– Results. A lot of previous buyers say that they can notice a difference when they turn this humidifier on. They can breathe easier, and it helps moisturize the air especially in winter.

– Noise. Since this is an ultrasonic humidifier, it’s expected to be quiet. Is it really? Yes, according to general feedback. One person even said there are “no motor sounds, no steam sounds, and no dripping sounds.”

– Humidifying Time. As previously mentioned, this humidifier has a 5-liter water tank. According to one person, this gives you about 14 hours of mist time at the highest setting.

– Design. This humidifier’s appearance has been well-received. The most frequent term people use to describe it is “sleek.” It’s also an elegant decoration when not in use.

– Refilling. It’s considered a bottom-fill humidifier, so you might find it “cumbersome” during a refill.

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Bottomline: iTvanila Ultrasonic Humidifier HU-S1 Review

The iTvanila HU-S1 is an elegant floor-type humidifier, which is the ideal appliance for you if you don’t like one on your dresser or desk, or if you need a humidifier that can also act as an elegant decoration when not in use.

This humidifier works in providing moisture especially in winter. It also has a diffuser function, so it leaves the air smelling fresh and clean.


Check Price » iTvanila HU-S1

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