At first glance, you might think that the Opolar 3-liter humidifier looks like an alarm clock, but the beautiful kind. It has an LED display, rounded corners, and as advertised, can be set to up to 9 hours before it shuts itself off.

Should you get one for your room? To answer this, it pays to read what previous buyers have to say about their unit. Does it work? What are its pros and cons? Let’s find out in this Opolar digital humidifier review.

Key Features of the Opolar Humidifier (3L)


Check Price » Opolar Humidifier (3L)

Let’s jumpstart this Opolar digital humidifier review with a list of its key features.

Coverage Area

As advertised, the Opolar 3-liter humidifier is ideal for living spaces that measure up to 500 square feet. In other words, it can be reliable in covering your living room and kitchen (as you can see in the image on the right).

This humidifier gives off mist that amounts to 300 ml/hr, which translates to 12-26 hours of continuous use. The water tank has a 3-liter capacity, so it should give you enough mist throughout the night.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Opolar digital humidifier is classified as an “ultrasonic humidifier.” What does this mean?

According to online sources such as this one, this type of humidifier relies on vibration and ultrasonic frequency to create mist. This is unlike the evaporative types of humidifiers that rely on fans to create vapor or mist.

Features and Functions

The Opolar 3-liter humidifier comes with a set of really impressive features and functionalities.

One, it has a water shortage protection feature, which should give you a warning when it’s time for a refill. Second, it comes with an internal silencer so that you’ll achieve a white noise of less than 35dB, which is just perfect for when you want to catch a nice and peaceful sleep.

Third, it comes with an adjustable mist setting. You can choose from 3 different mist outputs – low, medium, and high. Fourth, it comes with a large LED display and touch controls. Fifth, it has a humidity control function, which allows you to set the humidity level of your choice. When the desired level is reached, the unit automatically shuts off. It comes back on when the level drops by 3 to 5%.

Let’s not forget that the nozzle can be rotated to 360 degrees.

Other Features and Technical Specs

  • Weight: 4.35 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2*5.6*10.3 Inch
  • Mist Volume: 300mL/H
  • Sleep mode
  • Built-in filter

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Consumer Feedback

In summarize form, here’s what previous buyers have to say about their unit.

Pros of the Opolar Humidifier


Check Price » Opolar Humidifier (3L)

  • Performance. Overall, previous buyers had only positive things to say about the Opolar 3-liter humidifier. Not only does it humidify well, but it can also help with preventing irritations. One person said it has helped with his sinus issues. Another person agreed, saying that she slept great because with this humidifier, she had no runny noses or dry coughs.
  • Refill. The water container is detachable. Plus it has a small hole and it fills from the bottom. Surprisingly, based on feedback, refilling it is easy.
  • Damp. Will it leave furniture pieces wet? No, it won’t.
  • Cleanup. It’s very easy to clean.
  • Noise. Just like what was advertised, this humidifier is quiet. As one person has said, “you can barely hear any noise.”
  • Appearance. Many customers say they like how this Opolar humidifier looks. One person even said that it’s “not ugly like other brands.” The digital display is large enough to be read even if you are at a distance.


  • Unfortunately, this humidifier doesn’t come with an aromatherapy box. You cannot put essential oils to it.
  • This humidifier doesn’t have a night light feature. The display, however, is very bright and some people use it as night light.
  • When the Opolar 3-liter humidifier runs out of water, not only will you get a red warning on the display. You’ll also get a beeping sound, which can be annoying.

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Our Recommendation: Opolar Digital Humidifier Review

So… should you get one? Let’s end this Opolar digital humidifier review with this recommendation.

Yes, get the Opolar digital humidifier. But note that it works better in a small living space (such as your bedroom), and not in a large room.


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