Rowenta is one of those 100-year-old companies that have gained a solid, loyal following. If you’re a fan of this brand, then it’s not surprising that you want to know the differences between two of its air purifiers: the PU6020 and the PU6010.

Both have been given the title “Intense Air Purifier” by the brand, and they promise to filter out and rid of 99.97% pollutants from your home through a 4-stage filtration system.

What are their differences? Find out in this Rowenta PU6020 vs PU6010 comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Rowenta PU6020 vs PU6010

Rowenta Air Purifier
Model Check Price » Rowenta PU6020 Check Price » Rowenta PU6010
Room coverage Up to 835 Sq Ft Up to 835 Sq Ft
CADR Smoke 164 cfm 164 cfm
Filters included Pre-filter / Active Carbon filter / HEPA filter / NanoCaptur filter Pre-filter / Active Carbon filter / HEPA filter / NanoCaptur filter
Pollution sensors Particles and gas ❌
Air quality indicator ✅ ❌
Automatic modes Auto & Night ❌
Timer/Delayed Start Up to 8 hours Up to 8 hours
Filter Change Indicator ✅ ✅
Adjustable grid ✅ ✅
Ambient mood lighting ✅ ✅
Speeds 4 4

Key Differences

Based on the chart above, these Rowenta air purifiers have a lot in common. But their main difference lies in the features or functions that they have. Overall, the Rowenta PU6020 has better features.

Pollution Sensors

The Rowenta PU6020 is equipped with sensors that can detect the presence of particles and gas in the air. When pollutants are present in the air, the PU6020 automatically adjusts its filtration levels to capture these pollutants.

Unfortunately, the Rowenta PU6010 doesn’t have this feature.

Air Quality Indicator

The Rowenta PU6020 has an air quality indicator, but the PU6010 doesn’t.

The air quality indicator displays the current quality of the room by flashing either of 3 colors. Blue stands for “excellent,” purple stands for “average,” and red is for “poor.”

Automatic Modes

The Rowenta PU6020 has Auto and Night modes, but the Rowenta PU6010 doesn’t.

The Auto Mode automatically adjusts the filtration speed of the air purifier according to the air quality detected. The Night Mode, on the other hand, reduces the intensity of the light coming from the display as well as the filtration speed. This happens during the night.

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Our Final Word: Rowenta PU6020 vs PU6010

Which of these air purifiers should you buy? Let’s end this Rowenta PU6020 vs PU6010 comparison report with this recommendation.

Purchase the Rowenta PU6020. It has better features such as pollution sensors, air quality indicator, and auto modes. These are truly helpful in making sure your family breathes only the cleanest air inside your home.


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