Green air pro 2 plate ozone generator review gap-400

The Green Air Pro ozone generator doesn’t come with the most attractive design. In fact, you can easily mistake it for an amplifier. But as you know, many feature-packed appliances don’t deliver, so the bigger question is, does the Green Air Pro work? It’s obviously a no-frills air purifier/ozone generator, but what do previous buyers say about … Read more

Ozone power op5000 review, commercial ozone generator

As a commercial ozone generator, the OP5000 has a larger plate that, as advertised is able to generate 5,000 mg. of “true” ozone per hour. That’s a lot of output compared with that of other brands such as the green air deluxe, which has an output of 3,500 mg/hr. You can check for Ozone power … Read more