Winix c535 vs 5300-2, full comparison report

Winix C535 vs 5300-2, what’s the difference between these two Winix air purifiers? There’s not much. In fact, they have a lot more in common than they have differences. But their very few differences may be crucial to your decision as to which of them you should pick. You can check Winix c535 vs 5300-2 … Read more

Winix 6300-2 vs 5300-2, what’s the difference?

Winix 6300-2 vs 5300-2, What’s their difference? Nothing much, really, but their few differences are crucial to your decision as to which one of these models you’ll want to buy. you can check Winix 6300-2 vs 5300-2 difference below- Both of these Winix air purifiers have the same sensors and indicators. Both of them have … Read more