Both of these VAVA humidifiers are advertised as “top-fill” appliances. So that means if you choose any of them, you’ll say goodbye to flipping water tanks every refill. Because they’re top-fill humidifiers, all you have to do is to open the lid and pour water.

But which of these humidifiers is for you? To help you with the answer, it pays to know the differences so that you can see which one has better features. For that, here’s our VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH010 comparison report.

Comparison Chart: VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH010

Let’s start with this side-by-side chart.

VAVA Humidifier
Check Price » VAVA VA-AH017 Check Price » VAVA VA-AH010
Size 8.27×7.87×12.28 inches 10.43×9.06×8.27
Water Tank Capacity 4.3L/147oz 2.5L/85oz
Low Mist Working Hour 40h±1h 24h±1h
Room Size 100-300 sq ft 100-300 sq ft
Essential Oil ❌ ❌
Remote Control ❌ ❌
360-degree Nozzle ✅ ✅
Sleep Mode ❌ ✅
Built-in Handle ❌ ✅
Auto-Off ❌ ✅
Auto-Start ❌ ✅
Timer ❌ ✅
Mood Light ✅ ❌
Control Panel Knob Buttons + LED Screen

Key Differences

Here’s a list of the main differences between these VAVA top-fill humidifiers.


The first important difference between these two VAVA humidifiers is their design. When it comes to size, the VA-AH017 is taller and slimmer, while the VA-AH010 is bulkier and shorter. The VA-AH010 is also more modern-looking.

When it comes to parts, both of them are top-fill, but the advantage of the VA-AH010 over the VA-AH017 is that it has a built-in handle.

Take a look at the images below.







Water Tank Capacity

This is the advantage of the VA-AH017 over the VA-AH010. It has a larger tank which is advertised to fill up to 4.3 liters of water. The VA-AH010 can fill only up to 2.5 liters.

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Control Panel and Functions

The next important difference is their control panel. The VAVA VA-AH017 has a knob that allows you to adjust the unit’s mist output. On the other hand, the VAVA VA-AH010 has an LED screen and buttons that allows you to adjust the following functions: timer and sleep mode.

When it comes to functions, the VAVA VA-AH010 has more to offer. As mentioned, it has a timer and auto-off functions, which the VA-AH017 doesn’t have.







Our Final Word: VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH010

Which one should you buy? Let’s end this VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH010 comparison report with this recommendation.

Get the VAVA VA-AH010. It has a timer and auto-off functions, and it has a sleeker exterior.


Check Price » VAVA VA-AH010

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