One thing to note about VAVA humidifiers is that each of them has their own distinct style or design. But at the end of the day, your choice boils down to which one has better features.

In this VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH012 comparison report, we pit a “top-fill” from a “bottom-fill” VAVA humidifier. Which one has more functionalities to offer? Read on to find out.

Comparison Chart: VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH012

Let’s start this report with this side-by-side chart.

VAVA Humidifier
Check Price » VAVA VA-AH017 Check Price » VAVA VA-AH012
Size 8.27×7.87×12.28 inches 6.69×7.68×3.94 inches
Water Tank Capacity 4.3L/147oz 3L/103oz
Low Mist Working Hour 40h±1h 30h±1h
Room Size 100-300 sq ft 100-400 sq ft
Essential Oil ❌ ❌
Remote Control ❌ ✅
Chimney Nozzle ❌ ✅
Built-in Handle ❌ ✅
Sleep Mode ❌ ✅
Timer ❌ ✅
Humidity Level ❌ ✅
Memory Function ❌ ✅
Mood Light ✅ ❌
Top Fill ✅ ❌
Control Panel Knob Buttons

Key Differences

You’ve seen the chart above. Now, it’s time to list down their main differences.


You cannot mistake one of these VAVA humidifiers for the other. They’re both easily recognizable. So how different are they, design-wise?

The VA-AH017 has a straight tube- or cylinder-like shape that stands 12.28 inches tall. On the other hand, the VA-AH012 has a base that’s wider than the rest of its body. It’s also worth noting that it comes with a chimney nozzle that can be easily detached. When it’s part of the unit, however, this humidifier completes a cone-shaped design.

Also, unlike the VA-AH012, the VA-AH017 is a top-fill humidifier, which makes refilling it so much easier.

Take a look at the images below.



Design » VA-AH017


Design » VA-AH012


Water Tank and Working Hours

The VA-AH017 has a larger water tank, measuring 4.3 liters. In comparison, the VA-AH012 has a 3-liter water reservoir.

When it comes to runtime, the VA-AH017 gives you a longer working time of more or less 40 hours. On the other hand, the VA-AH012 has a runtime of more or less 30 hours.

Coverage Area

According to the data we’ve gathered, the VA-AH015 can cover up to 400 square feet. In comparison, the VA-AH017 can efficiently humidify rooms of up to 300 square feet.


The VA-AH015 has more features and functionalities to offer than the VA-AH017.

For instance, it comes with a chimney nozzle, which is used to diffuse mist higher and to a larger extent. It also comes with a button that allows you to adjust it to the desired humidity level. There’s also a timer button, mist volume control, and a sleep mode option.

In comparison, the VA-AH017 has a simple one-knob control that allows you to adjust to the mist output of the humidifier.

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Our Final Word: VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH012

Which has better features? Which one should you get? Let’s end this VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH012 comparison report with this recommendation.

Get the VA-AH012. It has more features and functions to offer. It also has a wider coverage area. Let’s not forget to mention that it also comes with a remote control.


Check Price » VAVA VA-AH012

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