VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH015… this is a battle between two different types of humidifiers. On one hand, there’s the VAVA VA-AH017, a “top-fill” with a 4.3-liter water tank. On the other hand, there’s the VAVA VA-AH015, a “bottom-fill” with two nozzles.

Which one of these VAVA humidifiers is for you? For the answer, you need to know their differences. Let this comparison report be your guide.

Comparison Chart: VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH015

Let’s start with this side-by-side chart.

VAVA Humidifier
Check Price » VAVA VA-AH017 Check Price » VAVA VA-AH015
Size 8.27×7.87×12.28 inches 6.81×12.48×13.54 inches
Water Tank Capacity 4.3L/147oz 5L/172oz
Low Mist Working Hour 40h±1h 30h±1h
Room Size 100-300 sq ft 200-400 sq ft
Essential Oil ❌ ❌
Remote Control ❌ ✅
360-degree Nozzle ✅ ✅
Dual Nozzle ❌ ✅
Sleep Mode ❌ ✅
Timer ❌ ✅
Humidity Level ❌ ✅
Memory Function ❌ ✅
Mood Light ✅ ✅
Top Fill ✅ ❌
Control Panel Knob Buttons + LED Display

Key Differences

In this section of this VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH015 comparison report, we give you the main differences between the two.

Design and Control Panel


Check Price » VAVA VA-AH015

The first major difference is how they look.

As you can easily tell, not only do they vary in color, but they also vary in shape. While the VAVA VA-AH017 follows a perfect capsule shape, the VAVA VA-AH015 has a base that’s wider than the upper part. That said, expect the VA-AH015 to be taller by one inch.

Another difference is that the VAVA VA-AH017 is a top-fill humidifier while the VA-AH015 isn’t. Top-fills are generally easier to fill because you don’t have to flip them over.

Another important difference is their control panel. The VA-AH015 has a more advanced control panel while the VA-AH017 comes with a knob. Note that the VA-AH015 comes with a remote control.

Take a look at the image on your right.


While both of these humidifiers have nozzles that can be adjusted or turned to a total of 360 degrees, their main difference is that the VA-AH015 has a dual-nozzle system. This is advantageous if you’re sharing a room with someone and want to share the humidifier.

Take a look at the images below.



Nozzle » VAVA VA-AH017



Nozzle » VAVA VA-AH015


Room Size

According to the data we’ve gathered, the VA-AH015 has a wider coverage area. It can humidify rooms of up to 400 square feet. On the other hand, the VA-AH017 has a coverage area of up to 300 square feet.

Mist Working Hour

This is the advantage of the VA-AH017 over the VA-AH015. It has a longer runtime, which is advertised to be up to 40 hours. In comparison, the VA-AH015 can operate up to 30 hours.


The VA-AH015 has more features and functionalities to offer. These are what it has that the VA-AH017 lacks: sleep mode, timer, humidity level, and memory function. All these are truly helpful.

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Our Final Word: VAVA VA-AH017 vs VA-AH015

Let’s get back to the original question: Which of these is better? Here’s our recommendation.

Pick the VAVA VA-AH015. Not only does it have a more advanced control panel, but it has better features that are truly useful.


Check Price » VAVA VA-AH015

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