Winix U450 vs HR1000… Time for another Winix air purifier comparison report! This time, it’s between the U450 and the HR1000. What are their differences? Knowing these should help you make a good decision as to which one suits your needs.

Comparison Chart: Winix U450 vs HR1000

Let’s start with this comparison chart.

Winix Air Purifier
Model Check Price » Winix U450 Check Price » Winix HR1000
Digital Control Panel ✅ ✅
Remote Control ✅ ❌
Cradle ✅ ❌
Fan Speeds 4 4
Power Voltage AC120V/60Hz AC120V/60Hz
Power Rate 110W 90W
Room Area Served 450 sq. ft. 400 sq. ft.
Dimensions 10.24 × 25.59 × 17.32 in 16.3 x 9.6 x 23.6 in
Weight 19.40 lbs 18.70 lbs
Filtration Stages 5 Stages 5 Stages
Washable Pre-Filter ✅ ✅
Carbon Filter Washable Advanced Odor Control (AOC) Coated Deodorization (CD)
True HEPA Filter Washable Non-Washable with Anti-Microbial Coating
PlasmaWave ✅ ✅
Sensors and Indicators
Timer Indicator ❌ ✅
Light Sensor ✅ ✅
PlasmaWave Indicator ✅ ✅
Fan Speed Indicator ✅ ✅
Change Filter Indicator ✅ ✅
Air Quality Indicator ✅ ✅
Buttons and Modes
Auto Mode ✅ ✅
Sleep Mode ✅ ✅
Manual Mode ✅ ✅
Turbo Mode ✅ ✅
Reset Button ✅ ✅

Key Differences: Winix U450 vs HR1000

Did you spot those differences in the chart above? Here’s a list.


The first noticeable difference between these two Winix air purifiers is their design. It doesn’t take a closer look to realize that the Winix U450 has a more modern and sleeker look compared with the HR1000, which reminds you of a mini fridge.

Remote Control

Unlike the Winix U450, the HR1000 does not have a remote control. This may not be a big deal especially because these air purifiers are designed for you to “set and forget.” However, if you’d want the settings to change from time to time, you’d definitely want to have a remote control by your side.

Coverage Area

The Winix 450 has a coverage area of 450 square feet, which is bigger than the 400-square-foot area of the HR1000.

Power Rate

The Winix U450 requires 110 watts of energy, and the HR1000 has a wattage rating of 90 watts.


Both of these models have a 5-stage filtration system. The difference is their filters, particularly their carbon and True HEPA filters. The Winix U450 is equipped with a washable AOC (advanced odor control) carbon filter while the HR1000 has a coated deodorization carbon filter. Aside from that, the Winix U450 has a washable True HEPA filter while the HR1000’s is non-washable.


The U450 does not have a timer function unlike the HR1000.

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Our Recommendation: Winix U450 vs HR1000

Which of these Winix air purifiers is for you? Here’s what we have to say.

Overall, the Winix U450 has better features. It covers more space, it has a remote control, and its filters are washable. That said, get the Winix U450 .

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